1. Written Interview with Jason Lancaster of Go Radio

      You have been with Go Radio since it’s embankment in 2007. In that time Go Radio has released 2 EPs and right now the full length Lucky Street is out- Whats the difference between the albums?

      I think the album shows the growth of Go Radio.You can listen to both the EPs and kinda watch the progression that we made into what we are now which is Lucky Street.We are all pretty excited about it. I think its(pause) I dont know it shows growing up and its more of a mature and more of an adult album and we are really excited.

      Have you seen the fans change throughout all the albums coming out?

      You know It hasnt really been changing its just been adding. We have been really lucky to keep every fan that we have ever made. No one dropped us and said “this is different” but its brought new people in and it has been fun to just watch it move infront of us.

      What has been your favorite tour?

      My favorite tour? Ummm this one. This one has been so much fun!

      Have any tour stories you would like to share from this tour?

      Well our day to day is pretty busy,  tour stories aren’t something we really have since we are so busy. I dont know we’ve just 9 times out of 10, wake up in the morning, set up the cornhole boards, play cornhole til its time to load in, load in, soundcheck, come back outside, play some more cornhole then go play onstage every night and then unload. I mean it’s a pretty boring run I guess as far as stuff like that go. But the crowds have been amazing and the shows have been great-so its cool.

      Now you guys are on Warped tour this year, Do you have any fears?

      Umm I’m terrified of heat, so Warped tour is gunna be a constant fear.

      If you could be an animal for the day what would you be?

      I’m gunna go with a shark. I would wanna be a great white shark for a day just because I feel like nothing is as cool as that. I dont really have any experiences with great whites or know much about them, but I just feel like if there was animal to be “The Best Animal”; it would be the Great White, so I’m gunna go with that.

      Gabby wants to know “What is your favorite moment when you’re onstage?”

      Probably right at the very beginning, when all the lights go out and the intro starts and you walk on. It’s kind of like the feeling when you go on a rollercoaster and you get to the very tip-top, before the first drop, its just like that feeling.

      Do you have any favorite fan moments?

      They are all kind of awesome. People will reach up and hand us stuff like bracelets and make us awesome stuff. We are really fortunate to have the fans that we do have. We have a guy out here today named Cameron, he brought us free meals from Chic-fil-a and all these amazing stuff that you just need when your on tour. They are just very supportive.

      Laura wants to know “What was your favorite movie growing up?”

      Peter Pan. The original cartoon Peter Pan, there was one before this one where they acted out the play and that was really good too but the original Walt Disney Peter Pan is my favorite movie even now.

      If you could switch places with anyone in the band who would it be and why?

      I’m gunna go with Steve because I really wanna know Karate and its in his cards.

      Would you rather bite off a poisonous snakes head or eat a hundred spiders?

      How poisonous is the snake and are the spiders dead? Are the spiders radioactive and capable of giving me special powers? I’m gunna go with the spiders.

      Would you rather be able to fly or kill anything you touched?

      Fly, I could fly really high and just headbomb into people and kill anything I wanted to.

      Would you rather turn back time or go into the future?

      I’m gunna go with turn back time. I dont really care whats happening in the future—I dont know you could make a lot of money either way. I’m gunna go with turn it back cause then you could correct mistakes

      Transcribed by Nedda

    2. Written Interview with Michael Hollins of TDR Records

      Name: Michael Hollins

      Age: 26

      Organization Name: TDR Records, LLC

      Age/Date you started TDR Records: I officially started TDR in June of 2005 when I was 20 years old.

      Where did you get the idea for TDR Records? One of the first reasons I started TDR was to release my band’s music. I had also been following Drive-Thru Records and Fueled By Ramen Records for a few years and was so intrigued by how they began, promoted, and released music—I wanted in the music industry!

      What about a band makes you want to sign them? I have to like their music, obviously. If I don’t believe in every song, lyric, or message, it’s not going to happen. I also want to make sure I get along with everyone in the group and if possible, they get along with my other bands. It’s a cliché, but TDR is definitely a family of musicians. They’ve all toured together, helped write and produced some of each other’s songs, and also hang out outside of the music industry. I want to have a healthy mix of a personal and business relationship with each band.

      Did you ever want to give up when times were tough? There’s never been a point where I just wanted to quit, that’s not how I do things. When things are going well, and especially during tough times, I put in 100% to make the best of each situation.

      What is your musical guilty pleasure? Anyone who knows me understands I will be a pop/punk music lover for life. I had to look on my iTunes for this, but I do have albums by Ashley Parker Angel, Cheyenne Kimball, and John Mayer.

      Do you play any instruments? I’ve been playing drums since I was 13. Not so much recently though. But I did fill in for Set It Off last summer on the “Friends Or Enemies” tour with Barely Blind and With The Punches. My first show in five years was in Canada—crazy!

      If you could sign any band/group which one would it be? That’s easy. New Found Glory or The Starting Line. Aside from Green Day, they are two of my favorite bands for so many reasons and have never released a bad song. I was interested in signing Treaty Of Paris, New Years Day, and Move Out West at one time though.

      What do you most like to do on a day off? A day off? I’m not sure what that is exactly. I’m always brainstorming ideas and promoting my bands in some form. It doesn’t feel like work to me at all. I’m very lucky to be in the position I’m in and hope to do it for a long, long time.

      When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an astronaut, FBI agent (like Fox Mulder), and in the shipping/receiving industry.

      What are 3 words your friends would us to describe you? Hollins. Robot. Hard-working.

      Do you have any words of wisdom to pass on to those that want to follow in your footsteps? Whether it’s in the music industry or somewhere completely different, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. I don’t ever want to say later in life, “I wish I had done that.” Do it!

    3. Written Interview with Tom Falcone

      Name: Tom Falcone

      Age: 19 years old

      Age/date you started photography: Literally the day, I could probably call someone right now and be like ‘Hey what was the day of that show we went to?’. I started doing photography in 8th grade with my mom’s Kodak Easy Share camera.

      Age/date you started getting paid for photography: 16.

      How did you feel when your first photo was printed in AP magazine? I didn’t believe it at first, because I got an email and it was like ‘Hey, we are going to using these pictures for the next AP Magazine’ and a bunch of posters for Victory Records and all these things that I shot for.  I just looked at myself and I was like what the fuck. And then I had to get the subscription and I saw them and I was like ‘Is this real life?’


      You are young and were even younger when you started touring for bands doing photography, how has that shaped your life? That’s a rough question. I feel like every time I have the opportunity to go on the road, I definitely want to do that. I’m in school right now and I’m a freshman in college and I am on the road in North Carolina. I started touring when I was 16 on my spring break with Anarbor on the Take Action Tour. I was like ‘Hey this is fucking sick, every chance I get I am going to go on the road’. The way it affected my life; I’m young and my friends don’t see the things that I see and I love taking picture of anywhere we go. It’s just a different experience, pretty much.   No one understands it. My friends hate it and I can never have a steady girlfriend… or boyfriend. Mike Ferri I love you!

      You did something kind of exciting with Anarbor, how did that happen? It was a year and a week ago, April 20th 2010.  I got a call from Mike on April 19th literally at 2 in the morning and he calls me and he is like ‘Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?’ I’m like ‘I have school’ He cuts me off and is like ‘NO! We are going to New York and you’re coming with us to film Silent Library’. So I go do that and did some of the stupidest stuff in my life; that was the first time I’ve been on TV, puking.  And to this day it still airs; I get calls every time it is on.

       If you were Waldo, where would you hide? If I was Waldo I would probably be at the top of Mount Everest.  Or I would be in Bermuda. 

       If you had 3 wishes, what would they be for?  I want to get married, have like a big house with a dog; have a normal family. That’s my first wish. My second wish, I want to take my brother on tour, he is 21.  He is ghetto, True Religion jeans, fitted New York Yankee hats every single day; white t-shirts every single day;  fresh new pair of Nike Air Force Ones everyday; listens to Lil Wayne every single day. I would love for my brother to come out, even if it’s for a day or two.  It would be so much fun.  My last wish, unlimited pairs of black on black Vans with black Vans socks.  Product placement.

      What do you have to have when you are on tour? Gym shorts; I like to bring all the essentials like tooth paste, shampoo, all that good stuff. I brought a polo shirt on this tour so I could look nice for Bamboozle.  I used to like wearing fedoras and beanies and stuff, until I lost my fedora.

       In a battle who would win, Zombies, Pirates or Ninjas? Clearly ninjas. Zombies all they do is walk around and they are really slow. Pirates have like one leg and one eye. Ninjas are so quick, so bad ass, so discreet about everything. How fast are ninjas, underratedly?

    4. Written Interview with Eric Halvorsen of A Rocket to the Moon

      How are you doing today?

      Everything is going very well. I saw the movie “Human Centipede” which was disturbing to say the least but other than that my day has been great.

      The On Your Side tour is A Rocket to the Moon’s first headlining tour. Do you prefer to headline or support?

      Well they are both completely different. I like both. Headlining is awesome because we get to do really whatever we want. We can play as many songs as we want, play whatever songs you know. It’s kind of crazy though because there is a physiological weight on you that you’ve never felt before as it being our tour- I want everything to go as well as it can. So that can be stressful, but I definitely like it better. Supporting is cool just because you get to play to a whole new slew of fans that might not have ever heard of you-so that’s always fun. Yeah touring in general is cool with me.

      How have your fans influence you personally and as a band?

      Personally-all of our fans are super nice and really cool. We haven’t really met anyone too crazy. If I’m ever having a bad day or whatever and some kid comes up to me and tells me that she loves my band or whatever that alone can turn my hair around. So you know just the simplest things can influence my day. Then as a band, umm I mean we try to write music for ourselves and stuff, but we love to keep them in mind and please them. Like if we play a show you know and the fans are awesome that definitely influences us to go bigger and be more excited so I guess they influence us in that way as well.

      Which of your songs have influence you the most through the years?

      That’s a hard one, I think the song “Like We Used To” has really changed me because it was the first song that was ever on the radio, ever got video airplay on MTV, so that really changed my life. I never ever thought I would be in a band that had things like that happen to us. We wouldn’t be here right now without that song. So that’s an important one for all of us.

      What is a song that changed you?

      I don’t want to say the same song but I guess I changed because “Like We Used to”. It makes me appreciate the position that I’m in right now.

      Last song you sang in the shower?

      I mean I haven’t showered in a couple days, so I have to think about that, but I think it was a Mariah Carey because Justin had it on the other day. I think it was “Always Be My Baby”.

      When you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which one is on top the peanut butter or the jelly?

      I guess the peanut butter because the peanut butter is on one side and the jelly on the other and you can’t flip the jelly up on top because it would probably slide everywhere. So the peanut butter stays so yeah I put the peanut butter on top.

      Which song always makes you happy when you hear it?

      Lately I have been listening to a lot of Talking Heads, and whenever I put on their greatest hits I’m always happy. Especially the song “Burning Down the House” always makes me happy.

      Word Association

      Crusty- Crusty the clown

      Work-smoothie because I used to work at a smoothie place


      Party- dancing

      Succulent- lips

      Home- bed



    5. Written Interview with Cady Groves

      So how has the Lets Be Animals tour been so far?

      It’s been pretty good. I think it’s only been day 3, but I’m having so much fun because I get to play all new songs with an all new band and everyone just loves each other you know. We are just having so much fun!

      How was being featured in Vans Girl?

      That was so amazing! That was the coolest day ever! I went and like tried on all these clothes, did an interview and I got all these free clothes. I got to model, it was like the coolest day a girl could have.

      How would you describe your personal style?

      Ohh wow! White trashy meets a pair of scissors every morning, meets a 12 year old girl meets a 43 year old women; you’re welcome!

      Do you have any secret talents?

      I’m double jointed. But I’m also really good at imitating people. I’m double jointed in my knees and my shoulders.Yeah it’s really gross. I could show you, but I don’t want to make you throw up. But I’m also phenomenal at pretending to be my mom, it’s hilarious.

      What are the top 5 songs that changed your musical career?

      Any Our Lady Peace songs from way back in the day, any Alanis Morissette song from the Jagged Little Pill album; totally amazing. Any song by The Dixie Chicks, Mumford and Sons currently, and I would have to say William Fitzsimmons, he’s got a good beard.

      What was the last concert that you went to?

      All Time Low- Alex got me backstage in LA and I got to hang out with all my friends, I haven’t seen those guys in so long. I toured with them last summer. Once I got backstage all these people that I just love were there so it was cool. I hung out with Hey Monday and it was awesome.

      Is it ever weird seeing your face on posters or cds?

      It’s definitely really cool, just nothing I ever expected. I think that fame is a word that people put on you and that you should never put that on yourself. If it happens its cool, but if it doesn’t that’s also cool.

      Did you kind of know you would be famous?

      Umm no. I always thought I was going to do music, but I never attached fame to it; which is good. People can get very disappointed if they do believe they will be famous, so no thank god.

      When you’re on the road, what’s your favorite place to eat?

      Well that’s what’s really cool about my band and my tour manager, we are all foodies. I went to culinary school and we are all like obsessed with flavors and just everything. So for every meal we try a new place and then we all order something different and share.

      What do you have coming up?

      This is the first time ever, where I have a ridiculous amount of things coming up. I just finished my first big album with RCA Records and my single will be coming out on radio really soon. Its called “Murder” and I play it on this tour. I also just had my first RCA photoshoot where there was like 20 people in the crew and it was crazy! People were like positioning my legs, teasing my hair, and putting my makeup on all while I’m trying to look all sexual. It was awesome and then I had to go through like 300 picture and choose 3 for promo picture they are gunna release soon. It’s just so exciting that everything is finally happening. After recording an album for a whole year, the ball is finally rolling.

    6. Second Star to the Right Review

      Reviewed by Nedda:

      A night of great live music and good times; 2nd star to the right was a huge success! Over 100 people came to celebrate Nicole Ashley’s (That Girl Interviews), Nate Parsell’s (Amely) and Aly’s (Jawbreaking Jewelry) Birthdays.

      Danger from a Distance, a local Raleigh three piece, opened the show. They were a last minute addition but definitely showed us they were a great add.


      Next was Attalus who are known for their great live performance. You can see their true passion for music through their performances. Lead singer Seth even treated the crowd to a cover of “Umbrella”, which was a special request from the birthday girl Nicole. They continued to keep the energy high while the crowd


      Ryan Jernigan, known as the bassist from The Morning Of, continued the night with his great set. This was Ryan’s first time performing live with The Bridgeport Militia.  He left the crowd laughing in between songs with his comic relief.


      Next to perform was Amely, from Florida; who were in North Carolina writing their brand new album.  They treated the crowd to a preview to some of their new music with a song called “Divide”. Brandon, Petie, Nate and Patrick continued to keep the crowd pumped for their 40 minute set singing songs off their album Hello World. The crowd participation was very high energy and you could tell that they were well admired by their fans.

      The Screaming Crayon from Raleigh,  closed the night with their 45 minute set. They looked the part of the night’s theme dressed as Peter Pan, Pirates and even Tinkerbell.


      Overall the night was a hit. Everyone from That Girl Interviews wants to thank you for attending the event and supporting local Raleigh music. Stay glued to the site for more information concerning future events.

    7. The Color Morale- My Devil in Your Eyes

      The Color Morale has been compared to the likes of I See Stars, Emarosa, and We Came as Romans.  This band hailing from Rockford, Illinois was founded in 2005 and signed to Rise Records in 2009. My Devil in Your Eyes shows their growth and range starting with a high energy; guitar-driven track entitled Nerve Ending.  Songs like Walkers and This Lost Song is Yours appeals to a younger audience through its clean and simple rock approach.  They end My Devil in Your Eyes on a high note with Fill; Avoid, which is a song we highly recommend listening through to understand the bands true depth.  Through their relatable lyrics and upbeat instrumentals, The Color Morale is definitely a band to watch. 

    8. Written Interview with Amanda Rae of Vans Girls

      Name: Amanda Rae 

      Age/Birth date: 23. [7.16.87]

      Official job title: Social Media Coordinator

      Job title in your words: I coordinate a lot of our media platforms and cover events. It’s the most direct line of communication we have with all of our consumers so it’s rad because you kind of get on a personal level.

      Age/Date you started with Vans: Well that’s tricky haha, originally I started almost three years ago while I was still in college and it just grew from writing an occasional blog into working here in the office everyday now.

      Where did you go to college and what was/were your major(s)? 

      I went to a pretty small school in Texas called Sam Houston State. I doubled in Mass Communications & Photography. You may not have ever heard of the place, but going to a small school when you are already working a lot can be really beneficial. I was touring and traveling some. Since classes were smaller teachers were awesome about helping me finish and allowing me to work from the road.

      Why did you decide to work at Vans?

      I am not sure if I chose Vans or if it chose me haha. I stumbled into the original job and just grew and grew like I said before. When I was younger I seriously wanted to do EVERYTHING. If people had let me, I would have been a tour managing photographer, who wrote books and did wardrobe styling on the side. Obviously it is impossible for that person to exist but I think this ties together all of my interest, fashion, music, art, media, marketing… it’s really important to me to be doing something I enjoy and it’s just a really great fit here.

      Where did you get the idea for the DIY videos and which one is your favorite?

      I used to occasionally do these little projects and sometimes I would post about them on the Vans Girls blog and the rest of the marketing team here was really into it so we just kind of decided to make it a regular thing. I honestly hate watching them though ha. I am such an awkward person sometimes… But as far as the projects ideas, you know when you are shopping and you are like ‘man I really like this top but it is SO expensive, or I wish this one thing was different.’ Then I just find a way to make it for myself how I would have wanted it, you know?

      Best experience you have gained working “in the industry”?

      It’s tough to narrow it down to one experience, but you just meet so many interesting people. There is a lot to be learned from the people around you and if you just take it all in it can be really rewarding… and traveling! Traveling is awesome. I love being able to see places and get paid to do it.

      What is the biggest difference attending versus working Vans Warped Tour?

      It depends on the job you are doing. For me last year was the most ideal situation I have ever been in on any tour. I was getting to be creative and relaying those experiences to our followers with my daily videos. But, so many jobs can make a person really jaded out there, it’s really hard work and you get really worn down. Attending the tour just has this whole magical appeal and gloss.  When you are on it, there are still those golden moments but sometimes they can be overshadowed by just being plain exhausted.

      What is the greatest misconception about what you do?

      That I just hang out with bands all day and write tweets.

      What are some of your have-to-have articles in your wardrobe?

      OVERSIZED TEES! No seriously… it’s an obsession. Also this vintage black jacket I have had for years and wear way too much. Can’t live without leggings and boots either.  

      What is the most adventuresome thing you’ve done in the past year?

      Well. I haven’t actually told anyone this because it’s kind of stupid, but in Scranton during Warped this summer there was a spot called something ‘steps’ I think. A lot of the bands were cliff jumping into the water below… well I got really sketched and wouldn’t go when they all did it but got mad at myself later for not trying it so I went back and jumped by myself and then just went to shower like it never happened hahah. Sorry Mom.

      What do you most like to do on a day off?

      Well I live on the beach now, and that’s still really new for me so when the weather is nice I really just like to walk around out there. I also love being completely lazy in a giant pile of blankets watching movies, or even going to dinner with a bunch of friends. When you all work all of the time those dinners or get togethers can be so much fun for catching up.

      When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

      Astronaut. Totally had space models and stuff in my room and everything. I’d build a fort and put my glow in the dark stars inside and pretend I was blasting off. I was obsessed.

      Do you have any words of wisdom to pass on to those that want to follow in your footsteps?

      Intern, work, and always keep learning.  You can learn so much from the most unlikely situations sometimes so you just have to be open to always learning from anyone. Internships are great for connecting and building your resume, and so is volunteering. One thing that I always say and people probably get tired of hearing from me is to be so careful of getting caught up in the scene. Make your friends and all, but don’t get lost in it. There are such bigger and more important things in life.

      * All pictures belong to either Amanda Rae or Vans. 

    9. Written Interview with Adam DeAngelis

      Name: Adam DeAngelis
      Age: 25
      Organization Name: 11:11AM
      Age/Date you started 11:11AM: 20…June 4th, 2005

      What inspired you to start 11:11AM?
      When Andrew McMahon, of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Jenny, Melly, and I started the organization. His music impacted our lives so much that we thought it would be great way to get involved with helping others.

      Who did you take on as staff and why did you choose them to assist you?
      Throughout the years, as we needed to expand, we have looked to people who we knew were passionate and knowledgable about the organization. Everyone that works for 11:11 A.M. we have first met through concerts or music related events. For example, I met Kathleen (Shipping/Merchandise Manager) at a Something Corporate show years ago.  She later met Leah (Accounting Manager) at a Jack’s Mannequin show. We’ve all met through networking and our mutual appreciation for music. 

      This summer the three of us all traveled and worked together on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. We’ve all gotten to know one another so well and have become such great friends over the years. It’s incredible to look back and see how music has brought us together.
      How does it feel seeing big name bands in the scene wearing 11:11am merchandise?
      It really is surreal. Mind you, we started 11:11 A.M. with a gmail account, only ordering 100 bracelets. We didn’t think it would get to what it is today. So when I’m at a show and see someone wearing a shirt or bracelet (whether a band member or fan), it really makes me incredibly happy.  This summer, people would come to the tent already with merch on, and that would make my day.
      Why did you choose the Dear Jack foundation as your target audience?
      Well, Andrew is the founder of the Dear Jack Foundation and over the years we have developed a strong relationship with him. Both 11:11A.M. and Dear Jack Foundation are working towards the same goal of raising money and awareness for young adult cancer research. We thought it would be best to team up with them to make an even greater impact this past summer.

      How did you get to go on Vans Warped Tour on behalf of Dear Jack/11:11am?
      Lots of planning. Our first full run on Warped Tour came in 2009 after a great deal of planning and pitching to the right people. After working with Andrew [McMahon] for quite some time, we decided that this summer would be the year that we team up to raise awareness of both organizations. We’re great friends with the Dear Jack team and hope to continue working together with them on new projects in the future as well. One thing that I don’t think that people realize with Warped Tour is how far in advance we must start planning for the summer. The second the tour ends we start saving up and planning on how to make the following summer even better.

      You combined your love of photography into many different branches of your life.  What gave you the idea for the photography contest last year with 11:11AM?
      The photography contest idea was Marissa Mullen’s idea. She is also a great photographer! When she brought the idea to the team, we were all very excited. Marissa is our New Media/Social Netoworking Director, so she planned the project and made sure everyone was up to date.

      How did you get to intern at the White House, and what was your greatest memory?
      Another passion of mine is Politics. I earned my degree at the Catholic University of America and during my time there I had applied for the internship. It’s quite a funny story because during Warped Tour 2007, I had received a call from them in Pittsburgh, and I had to run back to the tour bus to be interviewed.

      I actually have two memories that stand out. One was being able to watch the President arrive in Marine One on the South Lawn and the other was being given a Challenge Coin by the Press Secretary’s Office.

      How can someone help your cause?
      The best way to help out 11:11 A.M. is spreading the word about our website, following our twitter, and participating in events. The more people that spread the word about our organization and events that we organize, the more awareness that is spread.

      Looking back on your life, of what are you most proud?
      Being nominated as a Page for the House of Representatives by my Congressman. Honestly, if it wasn’t for that experience in Washington, DC, I would not have gone to college in DC, created 11:11 A.M. (where I’ve met the most amazing people), found my passion for music, or even started photography. It only took one event to change my life.

      If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
      1.   Cure cancer
      2.   Be a White House photographer
      3.   I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery.
      Worst interview question you have ever been asked?
      Honestly, I haven’t had a bad interview question yet. Everyone always asks great questions.
      Do you have any secret talents?
      I can play Chess really well. Also, during high school, I rowed for a couple years earning some Midwest and State Championships.

      Anything else you want people to know about you or 11:11A.M.?
      Everyone is a part of 11:11 A.M. Anyone who has ever bought a button, donated a dollar, reblogged a posted or volunteered on Warped Tour — they are all a part of this organization. The entire 11:11A.M. staff is made up of volunteers as well.  Everyone does their part to keep this project growing. The organization belongs to everyone because it was created by everyone.